The year was 1994, and I was working at a record store called the Sound Shop. I'm sure you're laughing. What is a record store? That was my safe haven away from the troubles of the world. Throughout the day, I would have various people who would value my opinion about music. I was truly valuable to the crew at the Sound Shop, and when I left, they reminded me.

I was working at the store that Saturday and was getting ready to check out comedian Bernie Mac, who was performing at a sold out show in Meridian, Mississippi. That's right, a very popular comedian was coming to my hometown. It also helped that the promoter of the show at the time was a friend of mine.

While working that Saturday, I saw people crowding up toward the door and realized Bernie Mac was walking in. My dude made sure to bring him by the register to say what's up, and we talked for a little bit. Many people don't know, but Bernie was a big fan of Jazz music and wanted my opinion over who was the hottest artist at the time. My store manager told me I could leave my post and help him out. I immediately went to pick out a couple of CDs from some hot artists at the time, and he bought them all. I was able to check him out and told him I would see him at the show later.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photograph with him, but I grabbed the poster from the wall that was promoting the show and asked him to sign it, and he did. Not long after that, he starred in How To Be A Player and The Players Club and become one of The Original Kings of Comedy. I never got to see him again, but I always followed his career and it truly hurt when I heard he passed. Yesterday marked twelve years since his passing, and his movies and comedy specials have continued to rise to etch his name in the comedy landscape of great comedians.

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