We are your number one station for that Hip Hop and R&B, but when it comes to getting access gained for one of the biggest events, there is nobody else running it like we do. That is why we are giving you a chance to score tickets to see The O'Jays live in concert this Saturday Night inside Golden Nugget.

I have been here since 2001 and I believe that this is the first time that they have been here to grace the stage in one of our beautiful Casino establishments. Make sure you are listening to the Midday Show with Gina Cook for your time to call and win tickets for two to see them live in concert.

Regardless of what you listen to, you have been influenced in some manner by the music of  The O' Jays. I have been a fan since I have been alive and of course a big fan of the group Levert which featured Gerald and Sean,  the sons of O'Jays member Eddie Levert. For more details all you have to do is click here and while you're at The Golden Nugget, make sure you have a little fun.


The O'Jays- "Use Ta Be My Girl":


The O'Jays- "Backstabbers":

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