Rick Ross is requesting immunity in an assault case stemming from a June 2015 arrest, claiming that he was acting in self-defense when attacking a groundskeeper who was throwing a party in Ross's guest house without the rapper's permission. Ross and his bodyguard face charges of aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping if immunity is not granted.

Nadrain James, Ross's manager, said in court Wednesday that he and the rapper never kidnapped the workers and that a fight  ensued only after it was discovered that one had invited guests over without the boss's permission. “He asked Jonathan why he had all these people in his house,” James said. The worker apologized, saying, "Boss, I'm sorry. My bad.”

Ross and James went to the guesthouse, with Ross entering and James staying outside. The rapper was startled though and a fight broke out. “It was a fight. Fists going, fists swinging. We both are,” James said. The two workers, Leo Caceres and Jonathan Zamudio, claim they were pistol-whipped and beat-up by the pair.

Ross was indicted back in March, but a mini-trial of sorts will be held now to see the rappers aggressions truly were out of self-defense. Watch a broadcast report of the court scene courtesy of Atlanta's WSB-TV up above.

The MMG boss recently made headlines for reportedly signing a homeless man who had rapped for him on the street back in June. While rumors and photos seemed to indicate Isa Muhammad was the newestMMG signee, the reports have yet to be confirmed.

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