Update: The swingin', '60s-style video for "Back Together" is here, featuring Nicki and several of her fiercest facial expressions/hair flips. Watch the Ben Mor-directed clip above.

Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj's awaited "Back Together" collaboration is here, and you know what? It's pretty good.

As I've said before, it's not considered "cool" to rave about a Robin Thicke song in 2015. The "Blurred Lines" lawsuit, his painful, failed attempt to publicly woo back ex-wife Paula Patton and faltering album sales have turned him into something of a battered piñata online. The fact that he's dating a 20-year-old Paula Patton lookalike isn't currying favor in the court of public opinion, either. But artists with far dicier legal troubles and private lives continue to chart while "have you heard the new Robin Thicke song?" drew a derisive, "no, why?" from a colleague this morning.

Whether Nicki's "Back Together" verse boosts Robin back into the Hot 100 remains to be seen, but "Back Together" is a worthy effort. Max Martin's production here is very early-'00s French house — the glitchy processed guitar licks that kick off the track made me want to hear some Justice (or maybe Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic") next.

"You used your love to tear me apart / Now put me back together," Thicke croons on the chorus, before emitting one of several Michael Jackson-esque "ows." A song about reconciliation is a bold choice for the singer, but his vocals are a winner — so long as you're able to put his own divorce drama out of mind.

Nicki inserts another "on fleek" in her bars, which is a Vine reference anthropologists may ponder over centuries from now. The standout, though, is when she breaks into song around the 2:30 mark. Hillary Clinton needs to add this song to her Spotify playlist ASAP (now that Nicki's Lewinsky-referencing days are behind her), because the line "Used to call me Hillary, 'cause I Rodham" is an instant classic.

Tell us your thoughts on "Back Together" — and Barbz, pick your favorite 2015 Nicki Minaj dance track in the poll below.

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