Today in Tha Wire, Houston's News 92 is now all Beyonce, all day and Paula Pattan files for divorce.


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According to AllHipHop, what used to be Houston’s only all-news FM radio station now plays all Beyonce, all day.  To the shock of news junkie fans, listeners and even the staff, Radio One’s 92.1 in Houston, was snatched off the air earlier this week...well so to speak.   Houston’s News 92..... is no more.  To their credit however, Radio One did offer listeners an explanation on their website:

We’d like to thank the News 92 staff for their outstanding service, our advertisers and each of your our listeners and web visitors for your support. This difficult decision is a result of sustained poor ratings performance and significant financial losses over the past three years despite the substantial financial and human resources we invested. Unfortunately, the market hasn’t shown a sustainable appetite for news radio, but each of you motivated us daily to produce a high-quality news program. Together, we made history.

Basically the stations ratings were falling and it’s owners flipped the script.  Big time too, going from news/talk to Urban.  However, it’s going to interesting to see how the station does.  Going all Beyonce, all day can have its benefits beings Mrs. Carter’s from H-Town.

AllHipHop reports, Radio One spokesperson, Yashima Azilove talked the format change and for more info on why they chose an all-Beyonce format, listen to Tha Wire below.

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Finally, unfortunately all the songs, the beggin, pleading and naming an album after his wife, didn’t help Robin Thicke …get her back.  According to TMZ, actress Paula Patton has officially filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The former happy couple, have been married for nine years and have one child together.  The two superstars have reportedly been separated since February.  Since then, Thicke has launched a very public campaign to try and win his wife back, from apologizes in-concert , releasing a variety of singles, to naming an entire album after her.  But it looks like none of it paid off.

According to reports, Paula is seeking joint custody of the 4-year old son Julian, and not much else.  However, losing his family isn't Robin's only problem.  Listen to Tha Wire now and find out what else the superstar is dealing with.  In addition get more info on the new Beyonce station and what celebs are celebrating birthdays today.