Lafayette singer and producer Roi Anthony is making a little noise on the scene. Back in December he released his album "Gonna Do Me" that features plenty of lovely ballads and party jams for the club. He is a friend of all of us here at the station and really knows how to produce a classic album or song not only for himself but for other including the Mo Hitz family artist Pallo Da Jiint, Lysa, Lejit, Lil Runt and more.


When I say that this is a great album especially when you're looking at great r&b music there is nobody that can actually come close right now. When you put it in the category with artist like Tank, Tyrese and even R. Kelly. I think it's safe to say that you get that same type of essence from the lyrics, production and quality. Check out the first video from the album with the same name "Gonna Do Me".


Roi Anthony- "Gonna Do Me":



Lysa- "Sweet Nukie":


Make sure you support the movement and the album as there will be plenty of other great songs and music to come from the camp with Lysa releasing an album soon and if it rocks like "Sweet Nukie", the listeners and fans from all over will be anticipating the release.


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