Looking for a puppy?  Meet Rosie  This 10 month old mix-breed would fit into any family or single person household and she's ready to be adopted.


107 Jamz is teaming up with Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue(LCPBR) in hopes of finding new homes and loving foster parents for dogs who desperately need a family.  Each week, I will feature a new "Dog of The Week" and this week it's Rosie!

She's full of life and ready to meet her new family.  Rosie came to LCPBR after being found on the side of the road in the Deridder.  She was only a baby, about 6 weeks old to be exact.  Rosie is deaf, but you would NEVER know it.  She's extremely smart and already knows several sign language hand signals.  Her foster mom, Katelyn has her in training school and works with teaching her hand signals.  As an added bonus LCPBR will be happy to continue her training, to help her and her new family adjust to one another.

Rosie loves everyone she meets and does great with other dogs!  Please call LCPBR for more details about this sweet puppy.  Her adoption cost is only $200 and that comes with a guarantee on her 'clean bill of health.'  Which means Ms. Rosie has been spayed, she's up-to-date on all her shots and has a micro-chip.  Like all dogs that come from LCPBR, Rosie has been temperament tested as well.  So long story short, this little girl is ready to go!
By teaming up with Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, are goal is to help dogs that have been abandoned, badly abused and tortured, by giving them a second chance at life.  Along the way, we hope to educate and change the bad image these dogs have been given.  Let's stop the ban on the dog and ban their BAD OWNERS instead.
The National Dog Fighting Hotline

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