If your looking for a solid, sturdy and all around athletic dog with a big dose of happy...this guy is for you!  He was given his name by the people who found him.  Meet Survivor.  This gorgeous American Pit Bull was found in the middle of the swamps by some men fishing.   He was in pretty bad shape, with cuts and scrapes all over.  Not to mention the fact that he was skin and bones because he was starving.

Thankfully, the men took him in and nursed him back to health before bringing him to animal control.  This is where Rene Smith with Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue came in.  After bringing Survivor in for a full check-up at the vet, he's ready for adoption.  See the video below for more details about about this courageous dog.

It's amazing how resilient these dogs are.  They are so tough and have a strong will to live, which is why they are used for dog fighting.  However don't be fouled by the American Pit Bull 's rough and tough exterior, because contrary to popular believe they are a very loving and social breed.

As Rene said, Survivor probably wouldn't do good in a home with small or fragile children. Only because he is very strong and could injure a small child on accident.  He would do best with a family that has bigger kids or none at all.  Survivor is still young himself, so he has a lot of play in him.

This happy pouch is micro-chipped, up to date on his shots, and neutered.  For more details on how to adopt him, click here.

photo by Chili for Town Squarmedia
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