Russell Simmons is not happy with the way some players chose to address the handling of the National Anthem after Donald Trump's offensive tirade against players who chose to kneel, calling them "sons of bitches."

Many NFL players reacted by kneeling during the anthem, and sports figures called Trump out, after he went on to bash NBA player Steph Curry, saying he's uninvited to the White House after Curry expressed hesitancy at going. J. Cole again called for a boycott of the NFL.

At any rate, instead of kneeling, some players chose to lock arms and the Pittsburgh Steelers stayed in the locker room while the anthem was played, which didn't sit well with Simmons at all.

“Locking arms and staying in the locker room hiding is for bitches,” he tweeted. “I’m sorry I’m so upset WTF. So we not sure if black lives matter.”

Though he later returned feeling more zen, with an apology for his language, the sentiment was still the same—what?

“I regret my choice of words, but a coach coming out and saying we don’t wanna be politicized is not supporting your brother or BLM," he later tweeted.

You can check out Simmons' comments below.


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