A new 20-minute documentary from Vevo traces the rise and fall of Scott Storch with help from the producer himself.

Still Storch, directed by Rollo Jackson, tells the infamous story of the ex-Roots member through a series of interviews that find Storch opening up about his game-changing career, as well as the drug and money problems that swept him from the public eye over the past decade.

There are anecdotes about Storch first learning to play piano (illustrated with a rendition of Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out"), crafting "Still Dre" with Dr. Dre, and of course, spending excessive amounts of money on yachts, cars and private flights. He speaks with a humbled appreciation for the extent of his self-destruction.

"After snorting a couple of lines of cocaine, it seemed like a good idea to have a tractor trailer show up with four to five cars, new ones, every couple weeks," he remembers. "I was playing a role, maybe, and trying to be the king, and live a billionaire's life as a millionaire, and it's dangerous stuff."

The 20-minute film splices stories of musical inspiration and drug binges with original footage of him playing piano in various settings, including on a rooftop, along with music videos for some of his greatest hits. Also included is the iconic clip of Storch playing his keyboard while receiving a haircut.

Ultimately, it's a redemption narrative. The producer ditched cocaine, got out of debt and moved from Miami to Los Angeles. Today he spends most of his days in the studio, where he's cooked in recent years for Lil Wayne, Young Thug and Jazz Cartier. The doc wraps with Storch speaking his goals into existence.

"Taking back my throne and having people understand just how much music I'm capable of making now and how much I made in the past," he says. "I want to be remembered as one of the greatest producers to ever be."

You can watch Still Storch below.

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