Sean Ardoin is riding high with the current success of his latest Southern Soul single "For You". Many thought that he had neglected his Zydeco roots but nothing could be further from the truth. Sean has just released "Live In New Orleans". Sean has teamed back up with Kreole Rock and Soul and has basically put a party on record. If you have been following Sean's career then you know he comes from a legacy of music makers.

He is also a 2-time Grammy-nominated artist and this one is just what everyone needs in their life. It's like actually being there and making it feel like old times. I remember all of the big Zydeco festivals and the ambiance of great music, people, and food. The guys didn't miss a beat and made sure to keep you jamming for almost a full hour of some of his classics and new stuff as well.

A few years ago Sean Ardoin did a Zydeco rendition of one of the biggest songs on the radio. It was originally done by Pharell Williams. The song was called Happy and while the song put a smile on everyone's face anyway. I believe when Sean put his stamp on it, it took it to another level. Check out the live performance of Zydeco Happy below.



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