Shaquille O' Neal has basically done it all from Basketball star, acting attempts, music and even a police officer. Of course he was best known for being a big star on the basketball court and killing it in the game. Of course closer to home, he was known as a big star with LSU as well.


We celebrated the birthday of Kanye West recently when his wife Kim Kardashian rented out the Staples Center to celebrate and although Shaq couldn't make, he sent a special tribute to the musical guru as only he knows how to do it and in rare Shaq form.

Now for the new kids on the block who really think that all Shaq does is talk basketball, let me take you down memory lane with some classic throwbacks from Shaquille O' Neal from back in the day. I have to admit out of all of the sports players attempts at music, Shaq was without a doubt the most successful one out of the bunch.


Shaquille O'Neal- "You Can't Stop The Reign":


Shaquille O' Neal-The Way It Goes Down:


Shaquille O'Neal- "You Know I Got Skills":

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