Caution is being urged for citizens of Calcasieu Parish when it comes to rumors circulating on social media sties.

According to a CPSO press release, there have been rumors circulating online warning people to steer clear of downtown Lake Charles for the next couple of weeks. Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso issued a statement stating “We have not been able to corroborate any of these rumors posted on social media.”

“If you see more deputies in the downtown area, it is because we are evaluating our protocols and making adjustments where necessary,” says Sheriff Mancuso. “We want to assure the people of our parish that the Sheriff’s Office will notify the public immediately if we believe there is any threat to public safety.”

Lets be a part of the solution and not the problem that continues to plague our nation, especially in regards to the tension that continues to exist between law enforcement and African American communities across the country.