The buzz has been all over the city about the opening of Shipley Donuts to Lake Charles. One thing that Lake Charles is full of are restaurants. It doesn't matter whether its Italian, Mexican, Pizza or good old Fried Chicken. We love great food here in the area.

Well when the word came that Shipley Donuts would be coming to Lake Charles, everyone was excited. I am originally from Mississippi and have experienced the craze before. But one thing that this Shipley will be offering is the great Louisiana favorites of Kolaches. I went by this morning and the drive through and and line to get in was already long. I also hit a post on my personal Facebook page and the comments were crazy.

\ ErikTee

Big shouts out to the crew who were very helpful this morning and I had to check them out for myself to see how things went and believe me I was not disappointed. The irony of this who picture is the Yoga Y'all right next to it. Hey I guess you can get your exercise on and reward yourself afterwards.

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