The Annual Holiday Bike Giveaway presented by Gordon McKernan Injury Attorney's in Lake Charles was amazing! Shout out to his entire team here in the Lake City for helping out and loading up all the bikes for all of winners. Seeing the happy faces of listeners coming through to get those bikes, was truly heartwarming. Gordon McKernan, staff and his team of attorney's throughout the state have been giving back to their communities for years.


The annual bike giveaway is close to the popular attorney's hart and inspired by his childhood memories of getting his first bike for Christmas. This event went from one location to all of the Gordon law offices across the state. Not only does it get bigger and bigger every year, but McKernan makes sure to visit every event in person just like he did today at his local office located at 3042 Ryan Street. If you didn't win a bike this year, just hold on, because he'll be right back at it again next year! Below is a look at some of the winners from today's event.

Merry Christmas from Gordon McKernan Injury Attorney's and all of us here at The People's Station, 107 Jamz!

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