Businesswoman, artist, actress, and also friend of The People's Station 107 Jamz, Alyze Elyse drops new comedy on Amazon called Going 4 Broke. This is a fun all around comedy following characters Seven and Tracy, who are known characters from some of Alyze's previous projects.

While on vacation, I got the call that the new movie was available and online. I laughed from the beginning to the end. It's a little drama with a whole bunch of funny, and Seven and Tracy take the movie. I am currently working on an interview to talk about the new movie and see what she is working on currently, music wise.

This is not the traditional family movie where we all gather around the television. However, if you've put the kids to bed and want to sit around for a little grown up conversation, this is the movie if you want to get a quick laugh. As of matter of fact, I was featured in one of her earlier movies, Behind Closed Doors, that was released in 2013. Alyze knows her stuff and is truly a professional at what she does.

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