Double platinum singer/song writer Cupid is a viral sensation for another reason this week. While performing at a rodeo in Humble, Texas, the Lafayette, La. native escaped the path of a raging bull, and it was all caught on video!

The singer posted the video to his Facebook with the message below,

Just when I thought I've experienced it all, this happens!!!!! This some BULL ‪#‎viral‬ ‪#‎iwasScared‬

The “Do it With Your Boots” singer wasn’t hurt, but the video did make it’s way to TMZ.

The bull can be seen in the background jumping over the gate of his pen, but Cupid reportedly heard the beast coming at him, and luckily was able to do more than shuffle his way to safety. See what I did there?

Cupid is a friend to all of us at the People’s Station 107 Jamz, and we’re just happy he wasn’t hurt.

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