A few weeks ago a friend of 107 Jamz and a friend of mine as well, Cupid, sent me a link to his latest album 'Capricorn 2'. It was going to be released a week later, and he sent it out to a few influencers to get their feedback on the album and their thoughts. One thing I don't do is make music in any form or capacity. But I have made it my career to listen and play music for almost my entire life.

Cupid released what would begin the series with 'Capricorn' in December 2018, which was a great album, and featured Gospel Singer Donnie Bolden Jr for a smash called 'Higher' and another up-and-coming singer Andrew Jackson for 'What We Do'. The album featured great music for the entire family with signature production from long-time collaborator producer Mr. Phat.

Well, 'Capricorn 2' does not disappoint. Once again he is sharing the mic with artists like Raheem Devaughn, 69 Boyz, and Lake Charles native and talent Jarvis Jacob. I have been playing 'I Love Chocolate', which is a first-time collab with Cupid and Jarvis, and the phones lit up from the first play. There is also another one called 'Ice Cream' featuring Raheem Devaughn, and when I tell you that this is just what the doctor ordered, you will love this from the music to the deep lyrics that will melt the heart of that lady in your life. There are a few familiar tracks including 'Hub City Step' and 'Flex' which are party joints that can be played in the coliseum to the hole in the wall club, and still have everyone on the floor. One song that will be played heavily in the clubs for years to come is 'I Like The Way You Move' featuring Mr. Phat coming from behind the board to lyrically showing why he can hang with the best of them. The song also features Level, The Club Banger King, who shows you why that name belongs to him. The album is a great piece of well-put-together work and should be something to carry on the tradition started in 2018.

If you want something that has music for everyone then 'Capricorn 2' is the one. Kudos to the entire Hub City family, and thanks for giving us great music to close out the year. This is worth the investment and I mean today.





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