Former member of Blackstreet, singer Rodney Poe, is calling in to the Afternoon Jump Off today to talk about his new music and future. One of the most dynamic groups from the nineties to me was Blackstreet. The group was spearheaded by producer Teddy Riley and they ran most of the nineties.

Over the years, they have had several members of the group, from Chauncey Black, Eric Williams, Dave Hollister, and Rodney Poe. Obviously, when you're surrounded by a camp of heavy hitters like that, you are destined for greatness. I just received a new single from Rodney, and it's just right for the holidays. The song is called Love For Christmas, and it talks about spreading love and sharing during the holidays.

Today, I will be talking with him about his latest single and also his time with the group Blackstreet. Make sure you tune in this afternoon during the Afternoon Jump Off around 4:20pm, as we will be talking music, holidays, and much more.

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