One thing I love about my job is the chance to interview and talk to artists who I personally have a love for their craft and their music. Last week, I got the chance to interview Slim and Mike from the group 112. Now, if you see the picture below, then you know there are two other members missing. That would be original members, Q Parker and Daron Jones, who were intricate members of the group but have gone on to do solo ventures.

I got to talk with the fellas about the split and also talked about 112 member, Mike, who was in the recovery phase of having the coronavirus. While my goal was to talk about the music, I wanted to really talk about his diagnosis with the coronavirus and how it has affected him. Take a listen to the interview below.

They are in the process of releasing a new EP that will be released this month, and the first single is called Spend it All.

Check out the clip for the video below.

Thanks to the fellas for giving me a call and really being transparent during the interview. Make sure you support 112 and continue to listen to the Afternoon Jump Off for more music and interviews with some of your favorite artists.

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