Slim of 112 dropped by “The Breakfast Club” to discuss where he’s been hiding, new solo music, why the group broke up, filing bankruptcy, reuniting with 112 to join the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, and much more.

The “So Fly” singer got candid about the groups relationship with The Notorious BIG, and how they were discovered singing in front of the legendary Club 112 in Atlanta, GA, where he and the other members of 112 are from. If you didn’t know how they got their name, then you do now.

The father of three boys also joked about how he should have named his sons after the 112 albums, considering each of them were born after there release. Slim’s story is like many R&B singers. His mother was an evangelist, so singing secular music wasn’t something she was thrilled about, and something he says she still doesn’t completely accept to this day.

For more on what the singer is up to, check out the full interview above. Slim’s second solo album Re-Fueled is out now and available on iTunes.

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