Slow of Slowbucks fashion says 50 Cent's goons assaulted him and jacked his chain at Hot 97's Summer Jam and he's threatening to sue.  Is he snitching?

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

By now everybody has heard or seen the video footage of Slow of the Slowbucks fashion brand getting jacked for his chain at Hot 97’s Summer Jam.  Slow, was allegedly robbed by 50 Cent’s goons when he tried to get on stage, while the G-Unit general was performing with Fabolous.

Shortly after the incident 50 was seen sportin what appeared to be Slow’s chain, adding to the speculation that he had something to do with the robbery.   During a live interview on Wednesday (June 4) with Angie Martinez, Fif said he had nothing to do with it.

But Slow disagrees and hired civil investigator, John P Bostany, of the Bostany Law Firm, to look into the violent incident.   The video below features Bostany speaking on the robbery at a recent press conference, arranged by Slow:

Find out more below, listen to Tha Wire to hear the details.

Spike Lee posted a photo of a Brooklyn street being renamed after his classic 1989 classic film Do The Right Thing on his personal Instagram page.

It’s only right, after all the ENTIRE film was shot in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Holding up a street sign, the famous director/actor said of the renaming effort, “It Is On This One Block Our Joint Was Shot. We Will Be Celebrating The 25th Silver Anniversary.”

Hope the celebration isn't in vein and City Councilman Robert Cornegy informed the New York Daily News that “the street has not been officially renamed and could still be denied.”  The Brooklyn Community Board has already denied efforts to rename the intersection of Saint James Place and Fulton Street to “Christopher Wallace Way” after the late Notorious B.I.G twice.  Which is kinda sad, because Biggie was always reppin his city with slogans like, “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”  But the board has the last word and so far, it’s no.

However, Spike Lee may have better luck.  Find out what else Councilman Cornegy had to say on the re-naming and get the scoop on what celebs are celebrating birthdays this weekend.  Listen to Tha Wire now.