While SNL has not been at the forefront of the comedy much and has changed alot of their cast members which is always hard to do once the followers have gotten accustomed to a certain member. They have had some hit and misses especially with the Beyonce uproar and even over the weekend with all of the Donald Trump fiasco's.

One that did catch my attention was one sketch with singer Ariana Grande who not only performed but hosted this past weekend. Everyone has been hearing about how Tidal has been going through situations with some of their employees and things like that. But this clip took it to another level. It also showed just how good of a singer Ariana really is. She not only took on her own music, but Britney Spears, Shakira and even Rihanna. Peep out the cool performance in action.

Tidal Skit on SNL:

Ariana also used this platform as a way to introduce new music that she is releasing and working on. I have always thought she was a talented young lady and this is only the beginning for her as movie roles and more are to come.



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