It's been just a little over a week since the Lake Charles casinos opened up followed by several that opened last Wednesday.

With these venues opening, people are feeling like things are getting back to normal. These casinos are resorts, so people are getting to enjoy all the perks they have to offer other than gaming.

Folks are excited they can take a short getaway and stay at the hotels or go lounges by the pools and soak up some sun. Heck, they are really excited for the fact that the unique restaurants are back in operation and they can just go sit down for a nice meal.

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All the local casinos were shut down for a total of about two months. During that time, people on social media were talking about how they couldn't 't wait for them to open, while others said they wouldn't go back at first for many reasons. They were talking about not being around a lot of people or they just thought that the casinos wouldn't be paying out on the gaming floor as normal.

Well folks, I did some research and, rest assured, things are normal. I went to one of the local casinos and observed folks lounging by the pools, eating at the restaurants, and gaming. For the naysayers who thought the gaming wouldn't be the same, I found proof they are paying out like normal and, in some cases, with big payouts.

I checked out a few local casino Facebook pages, and I saw posts of machines paying out in their first week open, but I was shocked to see how big some of the payouts really were.

Check this out.

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