Unfortunately, Spike Lee is being sued by elderly couple, Elaine and David McClain in Sanford, Florida for helping distributing their personal address on Twitter.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Following the murder of Trayvon Martin, the legendary producer re-tweeted a tweet from Marcus D. Higgins which gave out what they thought was George Zimmerman’s address.

Turns out they were wrong, the address belonged to the McClain’s.  As soon as that became apparent, Lee quickly apologized by sending out a tweet in an attempted to straighten things out, word has it he even compensated them.

However his apology was too little to late and didn’t stop the negative attention the couple had to deal with.   Due to the high volume of hate mail, death threats and social media harassment, the McClain’s were forced to move to a hotel to avoid all the drama.

You wont believe what caused the mix-up.  Listen to Tha Wire below and find out how much the couples suing for.

Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Finally, the Houston Chronicle reports Patti LaBelle’s bodyguard, Efrem Holmes was acquitted of misdemeanor assault Monday.  The charged stemmed from a 2011 incident at Houston’s George Bush International Airport.

At the time, Pattie and her entourage were on their way to a gig here in Louisiana when they encountered Richard King, a 23-year-old West Point Cadet.  Apparently, Mr. King was on spring break and had too much to drink before, during, and after his flight from Newark.  Thanks to the liquid courage for some reason, he approached Patties limo and verbally attacked her.   He didn’t stop there, he went on to exchanged heated words with her son Zuri Edwards, who was working as his moms driver at the time.  Mr. King then assaulted Zuri by punching him and that’s when Patties bodyguard sprang into action and basically laid the man out.

Find out what happened next.  Talk about drama...get the scoop now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire.

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