I love my job, because it gives me the chance to see the world, meet people and scratch my head when I run across stories like this one of Spokane Washington NAACP President Rachel Dolezal.

I saw this on Facebook and have to admit I didn't believe the story at all. So I did a little research and unfortunately alot of her social media pages are private or deleted. This of course made me even more curious and then I ran across this interview with a television reporter who basically broke the story. When he surprises her with the question about her race, you can tell that she was shocked and busted.

Now the question that alot of folks are possibly curious about is how was this a secret. How was she able to serve and be around them for so long and this not come up any sooner. Why did she feel like she had to lie or deceive people to get to this position and what's going to happen next. The even stranger thing is that it's her family that actually outed her. Only time will tell what will happen


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