Today in Tha Wire, former Clueless actress and current Fox News contributor Stacey Dash really is clueless and obviously extremely confused.  Dash has been on an anti-black rampage for a  while now, from her supporting Paula Deans racially charged comments a couple of years ago, to the constant attacks on President Obama, Oprah, Jay Z and Beyonce and her twisted views on the black community.  Somebody somewhere, needs to let her know she's black. Just saying.  This woman has some major self-hate issues.

Recently during a discussion about the Oscar boycott, Dashes anti-black rhetoric struck a nerve when told Entertainment Tonight we should get rid of BET and Black History. First lets deal with why actresses and actors of color have an issue with this.  There are 6,100 voters who chose the Oscar nominees.  Of them 77% are men and 94% are white men. Back in 2000 Ebony Magazine pointed out only 13 black stars had won an award since the Oscars begin in 1927.  What's so sad is, not much has changed 16 years later.

This is way the comment Stacey Dash made is so ignorant.  Peep the video below:

In his own words, below is Will Smith giving more insight on why people are so fed up with the Oscars and their continued lack of recognition of black actresses and actors.

It's sad that Stacey Dash doesn't know the history behind the reason for Black History Month in the first place.  I guess she'll be pulling to get rid of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Polish American Heritage Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month too. The fact is therre are hundreds of Heritage and Culture Holidays in the United States of America.

As for the BET and their so-called "double standard" when it comes to white stars. She obviously doesn't watch the network much, because a very white and gay, Sam Smith just won a BET Awards for Best New Artist just last year (2015)!  As a matter of fact countless white artists have been recognized, celebrated and nominated on the networks many shows like, the Soul Train Music Awards, Unsung and the BET Awards to name a few.  Artists from Michael McDonald, Bobby Caldwell, Tina Marie to Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Justin Bieber and Robin Thicke have all been given their props. Sooo she needs to do a little homework before she runs off at mouth like that in the future!

You'd be right if you gathered that the chick isn't my favorite person these days.  Apparently UGK rap legend Bun B doesn't have any love for her either.  Sick of her antics, AllHipHop reports the rapper took to his Instagram page posted a pic of Dash and blew off some steam with the following post:

“For everyone that didn’t know that looks don’t mean a goddam thing if the outside of you is ugly as f*ck here’s your proof. Her black skin drives her crazy. And as hard as she tries to separate herself from the black community, she doesn’t even realize her token role as a pawn in their game. You’re black. Hating yourself and us won’t make them love you. The best you’ll ever here is “You’re not like the rest of them” and if that works for you then cool.”

That is before her fans had it removed:

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