Did you know there are certain things at certain restaurants you can order that aren't on the menu? If you think about it, there are a lot of restaurants that offer a few things by request. For example, Popeyes does it. If you want a healthier option with their chicken strips you can get them blackened without the breaded fried skin. But they are available by request.

Tony's Pizza has some of the best chicken wings I've ever had. I order them all the time, even though they are not on the menu. McDonald's and other food chains will make specialty items by request. As long as a person isn't trying to do the most, the restaurant staff is usually happy to oblige.


Starbucks To Eliminate Plastic Straws By 2020
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Yes and no. Yes, in that you can create a customized drink using Starbucks ingredients. Give your creation a name if you like there, encourage other customers to order the customer-made refreshment and that's how the drink gains popularity. So, no there is not a "Secret Menu" listing the customer drinks customers create.

However, Starbucks does allow customers to design their coffee fantasies. Speaking of which, Buzzfeed came out with AI-generated photos of Starbucks creations for each state. They look delicious too! Cozymeal came out with a list of 26 or more "Secret Menu" refresher and coffee mixer ideas to order the next time you visit Starbucks. Again, they had some really great ideas I'm going to have to try.

What's cool though, is a customer's customer beverage could end up on the "main menu" if it comes into high customer demand. A perfect example of that happening is the Starbucks Pink Drink. A few years back a customer created this Louisiana-inspired Starbucks coffee delite. It was The Mermaid Frappuccino and it got very popular because customers ordered it all the time.


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