There appears to be a female rap rivalry brewing. This time between newcomer Stefflon Don and veteran Foxy Brown.

Yesterday (Aug. 9), the 2018 XXL Freshman realized that it appeared Foxy Brown blocked her on Instagram. Oddly enough, the blocking allegedly took place after Stefflon posted her new mixtape cover for Secure, which pays homage to Brown's longtime rival, Lil Kim.

The London native took a screenshot of Foxy's page from her account and let loose. "But wait Why one of my fav aunties got to block me cuz i show love to the other tag her n tell her chill sis," she said. "Be secure shit ain’t that deep and she should focus more on her president and the GMO’S they put in our food #SECURE #MIXTAPE #AUGUST17 #STEFFLONDON #FoxyBrown #FamilyFeud #IStillLoveMyAuntie #ShesJustTired #WaitIfImBlocked #IDontThingkTheTagWouldWork," she continued, plugging her new project.

Though Foxy Brown has yet to respond, hopefully it becomes water under the bridge. During the 2018 XXL Freshman shoot, Stefflon revealed she was inspired by both women coming up. “I’d definitely say a lot of old-school rappers, so like, Lil’ Kim and Foxy [Brown], love them both," she stated.

For Secure's mixtape art, Stefflon recreated Queen Bee's iconic 2000 cover for The Notorious K.I.M., the Brooklyn vet's sophomore studio album. During the reveal she acknowledged Kim's career with a heartfelt social media post. "Soooooooo I actually dropped one tear while posting this im just so excited, grateful but nervous at the same damn time," she began. "Yes i payed homage to Lil KIM because I honestly don’t think i would be as fearless as i am without her period!!!!!!!"

Secure drops August 17. Check out Stefflon Don's slight towards Brown below.

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