Thinking about making a major career move, or change in your life? Steve Harvey offers some solid advice in going forward with your life change.

A guest sat down with Steve to explain that she was preparing to make a career move and felt she didn’t have the full support of her significant other. Steve’s words to the couple? “If you do not jump, you will never soar!” 

The scariest thing I deal with myself each day is pursing all of the things I want to do in life outside of radio. I wonder will I fail, and how long will it take my efforts to become effective? Truth is, nothing happens over night. I’ve always felt that in order to truly know how to get things done correctly, you’ve got to know what it’s like to get it wrong. Take a chance and step our on faith, that’s what I’m planning on doing in a effort to make my wildest dreams come true.

Sidetone: Make sure your decisions are logical. It’s like a aspiring rapper without a job. How will you pay for studio time? They don’t hear me though.

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