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It's time to play the feud! Family Feud has been around for ages, putting families against families. Have you ever wanted to take your family of misfits and see if you can get the top answers? Now, you have the chance. The Feud is coming to Louisiana for you to try out!

There are a few requirements in order to be considered to be on the show. You have to have five family members in your group: blood, marriage, or legal adoption. No one in your group can be currently running for political office. You cannot have been on more than two game shows in the last year. You also cannot have been on the show in the last ten years. Also, you cannot be related or know anyone involved in the production of the show.

The tryouts are by appointment only, and you cannot just show up to try out. During your appointed time, you will go up against another family of five. The try out is in place to show how your family interacts with each other and how you would act on the show. Even if your family were to lose during the tryout, it does not necessarily mean you wouldn't make it on the show.

Tryouts for Louisiana will be held in New Orleans on November 23 and 24. You need to make an appointment and can do so here.

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