The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions for the 4th time in team history, beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. Super Bowl 57 is officially in the history books, but that hasn't stopped folks from talking about the most significant moments of the night. For starters, there were a lot of history-making moments, starting with honoring women pilots in the Navy.

Six female aviator pioneers enlisted in the Navy 50 years ago in 1973. Still, Sunday's February 8 National Anthem Flyover marked the first time an all-female pilot team flew over a Super Bowl game.

The first NFL Super Bowl was played in 1967. African Americans make up 58% of the players in the league, with another 35% being on the coaching staff. This year's game marked the first time since the league began 56 years ago that two African American quarterbacks played against one another for the championship.

Let's not forget about the Kelce brothers facing each other for the first time on the field in Super Bowl history!

Then Rihanna performs for the first time in her career during the Apple Super Bowl 57 Halftime Show. She shocked the world right out of the gate, revealing her second pregnancy with rapper/model A$AP Rocky. Rihanna became the first pregnant artist to headline a single-artist Super Bowl performance.

She crammed 17 years into a 13-minute set, reporting that the tracklist changed 39 times before they settled on the actual performance. That wasn't the hard part, carrying out the production, which included 80 dancers, a crew of 700, sound, lighting, fireworks, and several stages suspended more than 50 feet in the air.

By the way, SHE DID NOT GET PAID for that performance! She followed in the footsteps of Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and others. Why? "We do not pay the artists," said Brian McCarthy, the NFL's vice president of communications. He told Newsweek the league does cover "all costs associated with the show."

The biggest payoff for an artist is commanding a stage with the world's largest audience of more than 110 million viewers! By the way, Rihanna received her second Madame Toussant figure! Ahead of the game, the New York museum revealed its latest RiRi tribute.

As far as the craziest prop bets, each year gets crazier. Folks were betting on things like the color of Gatorade being poured on the winning coach, the coin toss if a player would propose marriage if Coach Reid would say cheeseburger, what snack commercial would air first, what beer commercial would air first and on, and on.

minutes before kick-off

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