Meet Love everybody!  This sweet little lady is more than ready to meet her family and live happily ever-after in her forever home.  Love is only 12-weeks old and she's a big girl already.  Not to sure how much bigger she's gonna get, as we're not totally sure what mix of breed she is.  More than likely, she's a Bully/Lab mix.

Check-out the video below to see and learn more about this adorable puppy.

As you heard Renee say in the video, Love has had a hard way to go.  She does has a slight skin condition, but it's not permanent.  She either had fleas really bad or at as a baby was exposed to mosquito or ants.  The good news is, she is on antibiotics and her skin is clearing up very well.  So, her coat is going to soon be beautiful and shiny as it should be.


Love's left foot was also injured badly and more than likely she will loose a toe.  Other than a couple of minor set backs, she's a loving and happy puppy hoping to get a second lease on life. To adopt Love, log onto and fill-out the adoption application.

Love's adoption fee is $250 and the covers EVERYTHING from shots, micro-chipping, to heartworms testing, spaying and even a training session.  If you can't adopt, become a foster parent instead.

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