Syleena Johnson is one of those serious singers and doesn't get the credit that others do. I am sure because she may not be the stereotypical looker that most stans would look for. Maybe she is not as commercially appealing with her choice of music. Well regardless of what people look for, she can sing and has been singing for years.


She recently talked about an encounter she had while working with R. Kelly. We all know that he is a perfectionist and has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Celine Dion and Lil Wayne. But she has an interesting story to talk about where during a late night studio session. R. Kelly was upset about her bringing her husband with her. Check out the interview below.


Syleena has lended her vocals to Kanye West and more, but this is one of her first videos that introduced her and made me fall in love with her voice. Also for those who don't know she recently graduated from college 21 years after enrolling.She also has a new album that dropped in 2014 called Chapter 6: Couples Therapy featuring Dave Hollister and more.



Syleena Johnson- "Guess What":


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