People may not realize that T.I. is more then your neighborhood trap rapper. He has been to the worst and back and now he is one of the most popular reality guys on television. Well T.I. was recently on the Triumph award feature and decided to give his take on the Black Lives matter. He questioned the auntheticity of the movement and whether or not people took it as serious as they say they are.

Now he did it in a spoken word form and alot of folks were actually impressed and surprised that he got down like that. Some may even say well anyone that can rap can do poetry. I am sure I could find several spoken word veterans that would tell you differently. There is an art when it comes to be both forms obviously, but don't get it twisted. Poetry comes in all form and all of it doesn't have to rhyme, but that what alot

T.I. Spits fire during Triumph Awards Set:

Black Lives Matter is the movement that transpired after African Americans saw the violence that was taking place with senseless tragedies against the likes of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and so many more. How do you feel about what T.I. said during the poem.

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