With the election just shy of three weeks away on Nov. 8, many voters may still find themselves undecided on which candidate to choose at the polls. Between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump, voters are finding it hard to select the absolute best leader for the country after being presented with the cons attached to each candidate. While there's no clear winner at this point and the race remains tight, Election Day is approaching faster than anyone imagined and many voters are still up in the air.

With T.I. however, it's obvious the rapper is not voting for Donald Trump. Tip has been very vocal during the road to the election. Not only addressing social issues in America with his new EP, Us or Else, but the rapper has also requested that Trump supporters not buy his music, calling the Republican nominee "the upper echelon of the scum of the earth," and said that Trump doesn't care about Black lives. Clearly, Tip's mind is made up.

When XXL caught up with the "We Will Not" rapper on the 2016 TIDAL X red carpet over the weekend, Tip urged America to get on the same page as him. "It's a very crazy election this year and probably one of the most chaotic I've ever seen—thee most chaotic I've ever seen in my life," T.I. tells XXL, reflecting on the present presidential race. "It could be confusing but I would urge people to get out there and vote. Making no decision at all is unacceptable. If you can not decide which is absolutely the best thing for the country, try to think of what's the absolute worst for the country. Then, just go against that. That is where you should begin your decision making process."

While there are many who will agree with T.I. and pick the lesser of two evils, many are still questioning whether or not they'll head out to the polls. Are you with T.I.?

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