T- Pain has had a pretty succesful career spanning back to about 04 and has still been able to keep the hits coming. Although he is mostly known for being the king of Autotune, alot of folks don't want to give him credit of being a pretty talented guy. Not only can he write and produce for not only himself but others. The guy can rap and can actually sing.

A few years ago Jay-Z dropped the Death Of Autotune and alot of folks felt that this was a direct shot at T- Pain. Well the fact remains that after the song was released, Pain took alot of backlash for using Autotune. He has always professed that he can sing without autotune, but alot of folks didn't believe him. Well after performing the National Anthem at the Dodgers game the other day, I think he has made a believer out of me and so many more. Check out the video below.

The guy actually has some pipes and I think it's safe to say that he sounds better then alot of artist who have bigger hits at the moment. He is in the process of dropping a new album and already has a new video out that takes you to his comfort zone and that would be the club featuring Juicy J.

T-Pain featuring Juicy J- "Make That Sh%t Work":

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