Shawty Lo

'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
The rapper that rose to fame after releasing his debut album Guerilla City (2004), his looking at some very serious time.  Guerilla Black was disappeared from the music world, just as fast as he entered it.
Shawty Lo Hospitalized! –Tha Wire [VIDEO]
In a story that hit the news yesterday, 35 year rapper Shawty Lo was hospitalized on Wednesday.  Details are kinda sketchy, but according to report he a serious diabetic episode.  His manager confirmed the report saying simply the needed to "seek immediate medical attention&qu…
Kim K Files And Kris Is Blindsided! — THA WIRE
Some are saying he's lucky and should count his blessings, however sources say that Kris Humphries is devastated that his wife for roughly 70 days has filed for divorce.  Fans got Kris's back on this one though.  Most people think the sexy NBA player is a good guy and would've been good for Kim beca…