Want to see what Lake Charles looked like in 1981? Do you like to go back in time? Well sit back and check out this video we found on YouTube that is about Lake Charles back in 1981 called Growing Metropolis.

In the video you are about to watch, you will see footage of the I-210 bridge and find out some interesting facts about the bridge that you may not even know.

Next in your journey, you will see the Lake Charles Civic Center which they explain in the video cost $17 million dollars to build.  Make sure to look to your left and see the empty lot where the Capital One tower now stands.  It was just an empty lot back in 1981.

It also explains the history and legend of Jean Lafitte and how settlers came to Lake Charles. They also feature the Port of Lake Charles and explain the importance of the port.

Burton Coliseum 1981 (YouTube)
Burton Coliseum 1981 (YouTube)

You will also see the skyline of Lake Charles in 1981. It looks totally different in the present day but it's pretty cool to see what it looked like back then.

It was also cool to see what the Burton Coliseum looked like back in 1981. The Burton was red at that time. Did you realize that? The narrator of the video explains that the Burton cost $8 million dollars to build.

This is a really interesting and informative video.  Ready to go back in time? Here we go.

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