Pastor O Jermaine Simmons was a well known pastor in Tallahassee, Florida who was loved by his many members of his church. Some would say maybe a little more than others.

What started off as an innocent ride to take a fellow member to pick up her son from school turned into a little more then the principal would allow. Apparently Pastor Simmons and the married woman had intimate relations. The husband came home to their surprise and all hell broke loose. The husband threatened to get his gun, grabbed the pastors clothes and keys and left. This forced the pastor to leave the home undressed and waiting until the police came.

He appeared before his congregation and apologized for his actions and asked the church for forgiveness. Check out the video of the moment below.


How do you feel about the situation? Are you the forgiving type? Should he be suspended or should he be forgiven and able to continue preaching?

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