Today in Tha Wire, looks like there's some major trouble brewing in the short marriage between actor Columbus Short and former video vixen Karrine Steffans.  First of all let me just say I had know idea they were married, but apparently the two tied the knot three months ago.  However on Tuesday, she hit him with a touch of Bernadine's rage baby!

According to reports Steffans pulled an Angela Bassett on her unfaithful husband yesterday and threw his clothes and everything else out of their home.  Columbus, 33, was allegedly cheating on his new wife and she went postal.  The 37-year old model, turned vixen, turned author unleashed her wrath on his belongings, videoed the aftermath and uploaded it all on Instagram!

You okay @officialcshort?

A video posted by Mrs. Karrine Short (@karrineandco) on

Lol!  Wow.  I must say Columbus looks crazy as hell.  Bless his heart he's got to be beyond embarrassed.  I don't know if he read her book, “Confessions of a Video Vixen," but let's just hope for his sake she's not penning a part II.  Cause the way she's blasting him on social media, she's got a lot to get off her chest.  Steffans wrote several rants on Twitter like,   "Somebody come get @officialcshort cheating ass and all his s---."  I'm sure a brotha placed a call to Tyrone. In the meantime, Karrine tweeted,

@karrineandco opens up about Columbus Short's infidelity: "I'm trying to save my marriage" — Hello Beautiful (@HelloBeautiful) March 29, 2016


Drug and alcohol abuse/addiction ruins families. Seeking help is vital. Pray for addicts. Stand by them but take them to task. Be well.

— Mrs. Karrine Short (@karrineandco) March 29, 2016


I'm just hurt. — Mrs. Karrine Short (@karrineandco) March 29, 2016

What's so ironic is she's seems to insulted that he cheated on her.  It didn't bother her when she was the side chick breaking up happy homes, infamously earning the nickname "Superhead."  She was Hip Hops main jump-off for years, now she's airing her husbands dirty laundry all over the internet because he's cheating?  Funny how what goes around, comes back around.

Needless to say, Columbus is trying to explain his side of the story and sent out a series of tweets,

Just want to say....that it's unfortunate that way things end up. I felt truly that a woman gave me a home and a place to get my mind right — Columbus Short (@ColumbusShort1) March 29, 2016


And a place to maturate gifts that I wasn't able to foster, without stability. I love Karin and her brilliantly talented son. But toxicity — Columbus Short (@ColumbusShort1) March 29, 2016


Continue to happen. How could you not love a woman who took you in a broken place and allow you to heal. I'm thankful for the journey and — Columbus Short (@ColumbusShort1) March 29, 2016


It ain't the first time I've been homeless. But will definitely be the last!! When it's all said and done stand strong stand tall and — Columbus Short (@ColumbusShort1) March 29, 2016

All I can say is I hope they both can get it together and they may consider keeping their business to themselves.  Unfortunately, I don't that will happen.  So on that note, I'll keep you posted.  For all things entertainment, listen to Tha Wire at 12:50 p.m. and 3:35 p.m. on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

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