Today in Tha Wire, R&B diva Tamar Braxton and her super producer husband, Vincent Herbert, reportedly got into a fight at an Atlanta hotel this week. Though both celebs are denying there was any confrontation, TMZ announced they got their hands on the 911 call. So it's clear that something happened.

Backing up a taste, the altercation allegedly went down in downtown Atlanta at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Sunday August 21, 2016. Below is a recording of the emergency call, where an unidentified male can be heard telling the dispatcher he was calling on behalf of the singer. Take a listen and draw your own conclusions.

For a quick side note, it's also being reported that the couple may be headed for divorce, supposedly because Tamar has been cheating. Back on the couples fight this past Sunday, Vince allegedly drew blood when he bit his wife and that's why someone called 911. However, he left the scene before the police arrived. Tamar's finger or hand was reportedly bleeding bad, but she refused medical care. A friend told TMZ that she spoke to the officers and it's believed she filled a report of the incident at that time.

At the end of the day, nobody really knows what happened, because neither one of them have responded to requests for comment on the issue. Meanwhile, if you watch their show, they seem to be very happy. Matter of fact, just last month Vince spoke to HipHollywood'sKevin Frazier, and said of their relationship, “Everything is fine. When people see you have blessing, they always want to tear you down.”

One day after the alleged fight, cameras spotted the couple at LAX. When asked if they were having issues, Vince gave a big thumbs up. By the way, Tamar's hand looked fine. Then again, they could've been holding hands to hide Tamar's hand....WHO KNOWS?  Is it really our business anyway?

Finally, Blac Chyna is being sued because her friend can't drive. She made a huge mistake letting her girlfriend, Paige Addison, borrow her BMW, and now she's paying the consequence. Addison ran a stop sign and slammed into an SUV, hurting the passengers. She didn't get away with it, and was charged with a felony hit-and-run.

Unfortunately for Chyna, her friend doesn't have any money. obtained court docs revealing that former stripper is now being sued by the car accident victims. They claim Chyna should've known Addison was a bad driver, and never should've given her the keys. So they want a check, and are probably hoping to get a big one, too. The plaintiffs are seeking an unspecified amount for lost wages, medical expenses and other damages.

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