Thank you for caring, and donating to our St. Jude Radio Cares Radiothon this year. Townsquare Media Lake Charles joined our stations in Lafayette and those around the country to raise vital funds that keep St. Jude Children's Research Hospital running at full speed. 107 Jamz teamed up with our sister station Gator 99.5, and in two days raised $56,188.30! Gator has participated in radiothon in the past, but it was a first for Jamz.

Our Country station (Gator) has been at this for a while, and last year brought in almost 35,000 for the children of St. Jude. Their listeners are used to hearing the radiothon, and have become accustom to donating during this annual event. In contrast, the St. Jude Radiothon was brand new for 107 Jamz DJ's and our listeners. We were curious to see how our audience would react to us breaking format to participate.

As we asked for help to raise money for St. Jude to continue to their groundbreaking research and lifesaving care. Listeners started driving up to drop off donations. It was quite amazing! They were coming from all over SWLA, and SE Texas too. Doing the radiothon also gave 107 Jamz an opportunity to increase awareness about this special hospital, and share how much it does for children right here in Louisiana. We are incredibly grateful to have listeners like you. Thank you all for stepping up!

With 107 Jamz joining the fight to end childhood diseases... donations and NEW Partner's of Hope nearly doubled from last year! This proves how valuable the Urban format, and it's listeners are to their communities. So I wanna give an extra shout-out to our Hip Hop listeners out there. You made a MAJOR IMPACT on our St. Jude Radio Cares Radiothon. Our goal was to raise $50,000, but thanks the united efforts of ALL our listeners we blew the roof off!

Your donations will save more lives than you know. Below are some pics from the our two-day event:


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