The Breakfast Club always locks down all of the interviews with the biggest celebrities and today they got one of the best. Maxwell was on Facebook live last night and talked about his upcoming album and also debuted his newest single called "Lake By The Ocean".

He said over 7 years ago that he was going to release a trilogy called "Black Summer Nights" and this is the second coming of the three. Maxwell stopped by The Breakfast Club minus Angela Yee and talked about everything from his own personal life and downfalls to his upcoming album and more. Check out the latest interview with Maxwell and The Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Club Talks With Maxwell:

All I can say is that Maxwell is back and from the interview the only thing that has changed is his age. Now I wonder how R. Kelly is going to respond to the little jab, or was it an honest mistake. I want all of my real music lover fans to go and download that single now.

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