As I usually do, I like to run down some of the newest releases and cds that I purchased and "The Carter 4" does not dissappoint at all, so if you love Lil Wayne or just want to complete your Carter collection this one is for you.The Carter 4 is in stores and I would honestly say due to the demand and popularity of Lil Wayne, this cd will ship platinum. Now if you get the regular cut of the release you'll only get about 15 songs, should be enough huh? Well not quite because if you get the deluxe version which is what I purchased, then you'll get 18 tracks total. Now the Carter 4 is filled with features from other artist including Jadakiss, Drake, Bruno Mars and more, but the last 3 bonus cuts are all Lil Wayne at his realest. With it being this many songs I won't go into detail about all of the songs, but a few that stand out are "Nightmare on the bottom", "It's Good" where its speculated that he dissed Jay-Z and one of my favorites would have to be "She Will" featuring Drake. This is the 4th single released from the album and Wayne is really spitting hard, without the Auto Tune.



Lil Wayne is definately on his A game and with Jay-Z and Kanye West really doing major things, this is what Cash Money needed to stay in the game. Let me know your thoughts about the "Carter 4", I personally give it 8 out of 10!!


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