Today in Tha Wire, Lil Wayne helped Birdman Jr ( celebrate his 21at birthday last week in Miami, but don't get it twisted his lawsuit against Cash Money is far from over.

Lil Tunechi took some time out last week, and attending the Bryan Jr.'s birthday bash at Liv in Miami. For a brief moment, it appeared that he and Birdman were making a mends. That's not the case. He and Jr. are good, and the lawsuit has nothing to do with their relationship. However the Young Money CEO is still suing Bryan Birdman Williams, his brother Ronald Slim Williams, and Cash Money for $50 million.

According to the latest developments, AllHipHop reports Weezy filed additional paperwork in the case late February. Basically the rap legend wants the judge to put sanctions on Birdman and the label, because they're allegedly misleading the court. It's being reported that Cash Money has submitted 121,000 documents. However Wayne says most of it is meaningless paperwork, and doesn't even apply to the case.

According to docs obtained by, Lil Wayne is demanding that Birdman be forced to show his tax returns. Court docs in the case charge, “Unless Cash Money admits to criminal failure to file tax returns for 2011 to present, Cash Money must produce these returns.” Weezy claims the iconic label has over $200 million dollars in cash flow at any given time, yet they don't account for where it comes from. He claims they keep "no accounting records, no general ledger, no bank account records and no tax returns at all."


On top of that Wayne's Young Money label and artists are all tied up in the lawsuit. Back in 2003 he agreed to a 49% stake in YM, while Cash Money controlled 51%. TheBlast reports Wayne accused Baby of squandering 70%, of a $100 million advance, meant to be the financial backing for their Young Money/Cash Money joint venture. Tunechi claims before it was all said and done, he got screwed out of nearly $10 million in that deal, in addition to being stiffed on Nicki and Drake's royalties.

It's a mess! No telling how long this is going to drag out, but it looks like Weezy is in it, to win it. So far Birdman hasn't addressed to new claims. In the meantime I'll keep you posted with any new developments. Catch the 411 daily and get the latest entertainment news with Tha Wire, and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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