It seems like every big blockbuster movie these days is getting longer and longer. Sometimes that’s a good thing, if a movie requires a lot of time to pace out its story, but sometimes a longer running time just means there’s more time for the movie to run itself into the ground. If a new report is true, the next Fast & Furious movie won’t be very fast at all — in fact, it’ll take almost three hours to watch.

A report by the European site has The Fate of the Furious clocking in at 160 minutes, which translates to more than two and a half hours. Maybe that’s why the word “fast” isn’t in the title this time. The report hasn’t been confirmed by Universal, but the IMDb page has been updated with the new info. For comparison, 2015’s Furious 7 was two hours and 17 minutes long. In fact, all of the Fast & Furious films from Fast Five and beyond have been at least ten minutes over two hours, with only the first four courteous enough to hover around a more polite hour and forty minute runtime.

Now, ten, fifteen minutes over two hours isn’t normally that big of a deal, especially if the movie is exceptionally good (which the latter half of the F&F series is). But forty minutes over? That’s closer to a Lord of the Rings movie. It might take quite a while to provide a believable reason why Dom chose to betray his buddies but giving it that long is a little concerning. Need I remind you how bloated Batman v Superman (2 hours, 31 minutes) felt? I’m expecting a full classic Hollywood-style overture and intermission if this movie really plans to be the Gone with the Wind of our time.

The Fate of the Furious rumbles into theaters April 14.

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