For the space of a week, the Lake Area was taken over by Joshua Ledet fever. On Saturday, May 12, Josh was in the Top 3 on American Idol, and was entitled to a homecoming concert in his hometown. That morning, Gina Cook and Gary Shannon were lucky enough to get to interview Josh about his time on Idol and his plans for the future. It's a great look inside one of the entertainment industry's most compelling contests!

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    Which ‘American Idol’ Rival Would Josh Like To Collaborate With?

    Out here in the audience, we might imagine that most reality show contestants are all at each other’s throats, seeing as they’re all competing for such big prizes. But on “American Idol,” where a group of young people are going through the process of becoming overnight sensations together, there seems to be a real sense of friendship. So which friend does Josh most want to perform with?

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    Which 'Idol' Guest Mentor Gave the Best Advice?

    One of the coolest parts of "Idol" is that the singers aren't just left to their own devices -- they get priceless advice from the some of the best entertainers in the business. So, who helped Josh the most during his time on the show?

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    What Does Josh Want His First Album to Sound Like?

    It’s inevitable — Josh will have his first album out in stores within the next year or so. When you reach a certain stage of ‘Idol,’ you get signed to a record contract, no problem. Here in the Lake Area, we’re dying to hear what that first album is going to sound like. But does Josh even know what that album would sound like? With all of the craziness surrounding him in these past months, has he even had time to think about it? Will he do an R&B album? A throwback soul album? Gospel? A mish-mash of all three? Or something else that would blow our minds entirely? He’s capable of it all.

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    Did He Get to Choose Which Songs He Sang on ‘Idol’?

    Everybody always wonders if “Idol” contestants REALLY get to choose their own songs or if the producers do it for them. Josh lets us in on the secret. And he also shares which week intimidated him the most.

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    Where Does His Family Fit into ‘American Idol’? -- And Are There Any Other Singers in His Family?

    They say ‘no man is an island,’ and if you meet the Josh's family, you’ll realize that he’s got a whole continent to himself. Josh is one of eight brothers and sisters, so the question comes up quite often — can they all sing, too?

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    Stardom Hasn’t Really Hit Him Yet, and He Shares His Secret Nickname

    Josh seems to have picked up an unusual nickname from his friends and family. What is it, and where does it come from? Don’t ask us to spell it. Okay, we’ll try anyway. It sounds like “Bee-ip.” Do you think it means anything? Josh doesn’t seem to think so. Also, has stardom really sunk in for Westlake, La.’s new favorite son? Has he even started to process how his life has changed?

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    Which ‘Idol’ Performer May Be Responsible for Josh’s Career?

    We were curious to know which artist gave him an “A-HA!” moment — the moment when he knew he wanted to be a pop star. It turns out that the answer has roots back in ‘Idol’s’ third season.

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    Josh Explains a Day in the Life of ‘Idol’ and Shares His Regrets

    It goes without saying that an Idol contestant’s days are pretty busy. Is there such a thing as a typical day? We asked Josh to walk us through a “day in the life,” so to speak, of an ‘Idol’ contestant. It’s busier than you think. But also, is there anything he wishes he could have done differently?

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    Let's Talk James Brown

    There is no doubt that Joshua Ledet can sing anything! But he thrives when he can let his soul loose. Few performaces proved that the way his rendition of James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" did. How does a 20-year-old man handle that song?

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    Does He Have a Foolproof Way Through 'Idol' Auditions?

    It’s what every bedroom singer wants to know — what’s the surest way through the ‘American Idol‘ audition process to Hollywood?

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