While it seemed to take longer then we expected. It seems that the cooler temperatures are finally here to stay, at least we hope. One thing I can say is that since I have been here in Lake Charles, I have seen my share of cold days.

There have been days where we have gotten a little snow and some days were just downright cold and you needed a parka jacket at any given moment. Over the weekend things really cooled down and I enjoyed not having to run the air for a change. There is nothing like getting a humongous bill from the energy company and you're wondering when you'll get a break.

There is one downside to the cooler temperatures and that is the inconsistency of the weather. While I am happy about the cooler temperatures. I know that by Friday it could very well flip to 80 degrees. Also this is the type of weather that keeps people in the hospital and going back and forth to the doctors. But for now I am going to celebrate and bask in the moment that I can wear my hoodies and put on my long sleeves without people looking at me like I'm crazy.

Make sure to take care of yourself, stay hydrated and please look out for your elderly neighbors and keep an eye out for those who are homeless as well.


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