The Lake Charles Fire Department (LCFD) will conduct its semi-annual testing of water hydrants starting November 5 - December 15. The testing will begin in Ward 3, District 2.

The LCFD is required to test the hydrants twice per year, in order to maintain its "Class Two Fire Rating, according to Fire Chief Keith Murray.

The flushing of hydrants stirs up iron particles and other settled material and may result in rust-colored water. It’s a temporary condition that Murray says is safe for domestic use.

If you experience discolored water during the testing times, the LCFD provides cleaning detergent that aids in getting the red out of clothing. Locations are listed below.

  • The LCFD Administration building at 4200 Kirkman St.
  • LCFD fire trucks, or your neighborhood fire house.
  • Call 491-1598 or 491-1599, for further concerns and questions. 

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